March 18, 2015 Whitepaper [Families for Excellent Schools] Don't Steal Possible

Bureaucracy Beyond Repair

One fourth of New York City schools are severely failing —371 schools, where not even 1 in 10 students meets academic benchmarks for English, math, or college readiness. In response to this crisis — failure on a truly massive scale — the mayor and chancellor have a grand scheme to “renew” fewer than 100 schools. Even worse, they are entrusting these turnaround efforts to the same slow-footed bureaucracy that has allowed the problem to persist for decades.

Slow-motion de Blasio on school fixes

In November, with trumpets sounding, Mayor de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña rolled out $150 million worth of plans to turn around 94 chronically failing schools.

Four months later, some of those schools are still waiting for those renewal plans — suggesting that de Blasio either does not view this as an urgent task or cannot rally his Department of Education to treat it as such.

March 6, 2015 Policy Paper [Families for Excellent Schools] Don't Steal Possible

Voting With Their Feet

Bronx’s Lowest-Performing Schools See Severe Enrollment Declines

A new analysis by Families for Excellent Schools reveals that enrollment is declining at a rapid pace at many low-performing Bronx schools. Parents are fleeing failing schools and seeking high-quality charter and district school options.