Parent’s Voice: The Future of Our Children

As Connecticut faces a challenging budget, Governor Malloy continues to focus on the importance of improving our roads and highways. While investments in roads, bridges and transportation systems are important, I believe the most important infrastructure that Connecticut should invest in is education. A child’s education directly impacts the economy of our state. We can create a competitive workforce by ensuring that all students have access to the great teachers, principals, and public schools they deserve.

Expanding funding for high quality public schools like charter schools, magnet schools, or traditional schools will provide families with options so that every child has access to an education that prepares them for college and career success.

The success of children everywhere relies on the decisions Governor Malloy makes in this year’s budget. For years, Governor Malloy has been a champion for our children. Opportunity knocked on my child’s door when Achievement First opened in Bridgeport and my oldest son was admitted. If Governor Malloy goes back on his promise to continue to invest in our state’s future, and our children’s education, that opportunity will slowly fade and my sons will be at a loss.

I know of too many Bridgeport families like mine who want to take advantage of public school choice options, but their child is stuck on a long waiting list. I urge Governor Malloy to remember these families when considering this year’s budget. Continue to boldly invest in Connecticut’s public school system and invest in the children who will become our workforce of tomorrow.

Viviana Mora

Bridgeport Parent