Parent’s Voice: The Promise

On the campaign trail last fall, Governor Malloy promised to continue increasing funds for school districts and to target that funding to districts that need it the most. I’d like to thank Governor Malloy for his commitment to improving our public school system and all of the progress we’ve made over the last few years. There is no question that our public schools need help and our families deserve more high quality public school choice options. As a parent in Bridgeport, I am asking Governor Malloy to keep his promise to our children.

I have read that Connecticut is facing a difficult budget and that the Governor supports making improvements to our state’s economy. There is no faster, more efficient way to boost our state’s economy than to invest heavily in our schools and rethink the way we fund education.

We are letting too many kids fall through the cracks of an education system that is failing to prepare them with the skills they’ll need to succeed in college. There’s no way we can grow our economy, create good jobs and attract new employers if we don’t address this crisis.

I know this first hand as my daughter was struggling in a school that wasn’t meeting her needs. I was fortunate to learn about the options available to my family. I have two daughters at Bridge Academy, a son at High Horizons Magnet and a daughter at Six to Six Magnet school. My children are thriving.  More families in Bridgeport deserve the same choice I had, and that means expanding high quality school choice options of all types, be they magnet schools, charter public schools, or improved traditional public schools.

Governor Malloy, please be true to your word and increase funding for school districts, like Bridgeport, that need it the most.

Maria Rivas

Bridgeport Parent