Don't Steal Possible

November 7, 2014 Press [New York Times, Editorial Board] Don't Steal Possible

New York Needs a Stronger School Plan

The rescue plan for struggling schools that Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled on Monday needs to be fleshed out in greater detail before it can be fully appraised. But it is already clear that the plan — which involves giving failing schools support services and seeing how that turns out — might not be sufficient to remake the city’s lowest-achieving, most-dysfunctional schools. The plan could easily delay action on schools that are in desperate straits and should be reorganized or closed in fairly short order.


October 22, 2014 News [New York Times, Editorial Board] Don't Steal Possible

Small Schools Work in New York

The administration is right when it says that every school can’t be a small one. But given the clear benefits that have accrued to the city’s most vulnerable students, Mr. de Blasio should not shy away from the option of shutting down big schools and remaking them from scratch, particularly in cases where the school has been failing for a long time and its culture is beyond repair.