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As NYC Charters Reach Milestone of Serving 100,000 Students, Thousands to March in Brooklyn

March Will Launch #PathtoPossible Campaign Showcasing the Power and Potential of Charter School Growth for New York City Families

Coalition of Parents, Schools, and Elected Champions Will Call on NYC Leaders to Stand With Public Charter Schools

New York, NY –  As New York City’s public charter schools reach, for the first time, over 100,000 students served in a school year, thousands of families and their allies from across New York City will march in support of their schools on Wednesday, September 28th in Brooklyn. Parents and students from every borough will be joined by elected officials, community leaders, and other supporters at the march, which will highlight the transformational impact that public charter schools have had on New York City’s highest-need communities, and call on New York City’s elected leaders to support public charter schools as they grow to serve even more children. The march will launch the #PathtoPossible campaign, unfolding over the next year, which will highlight the power and potential of scaling New York City’s charter sector.  

In the 2016-2017 school year, charter schools across the city will educate more than 100,000 students — 92% of whom are black and Hispanic, and 77% of whom come from low-income backgrounds. The Brooklyn march — which will include schools and families from every borough in the city — will emphasize the urgent need for more high-quality charter schools in New York City.

“We are marching to call on our city leaders to stand with public charter schools,” said Marilyn Askew, a charter school parent and organizer from Bushwick, “so these incredible schools can serve our friends and neighbors who are still stranded on a waitlist.”

“New York City’s charter schools are a path to possibility for 100,000 children, but the heartbreaking fact remains that tens of thousands of children remain on waiting lists, desperate for a quality public education” said Dacia Toll, Co-CEO and President of Achievement First Public Charter Schools. “As charter leaders, we are eager to grow our schools to serve these children, but we will need our city leaders to stand with us to do so.”  

“As New York City’s public charter schools reach the important milestone of serving 100,000 students, we know parents will not rest until every child in New York City attends an excellent school,” said Jeremiah Kittredge, CEO of Families for Excellent Schools. “Parents and their elected allies will march in September because public charters can end our city’s schools crisis if city leaders stand with them.”

The September march will bring together parents and leaders from more than 100 charter schools.  

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