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Parents Identify Forty Persistently Failing District and Charter Schools in Urgent Need of State Intervention
With Education Debate Raging in Albany, Parents Turn to State for Bold Action on Failing Schools

New York, NY – Parents gathered on the steps of City Hall Thursday morning to criticize New York City’s neglect of its failing schools crisis and to call on the State Education Department to immediately take over 40 of the city’s failing district and charter schools. The announcement, which is the first organized call for the state to assume control of New York City schools, is a searing indictment of the Department of Education’s refusal to addressing a failing schools crisis that traps 143,000 children in broken schools.

While there are more than 300 failing schools in New York City, parents urged the state to triage their efforts and focus on 40 of the worst schools, schools whose general education student populations have ranked in the bottom 10% in English and math proficiency and/or high school graduation rate every year for the last five years.

These schools are in urgent need of state intervention, as New York City has avoided the steps necessary to address their chronic failure. Indeed, after failing for five straight years, more than half of the schools (23) are so-called Renewal Schools, with another three years — and millions more dollars in education funding — available to them so that the city can experiment with a community schools model that has no proven record of success.

“I will not be forced to send my son to one of these schools,” said parent Kenia Rivera from the Bronx. “They have been failing for too long, and we call on our state leaders to end this crisis.”

“If my daughter attended a school on this list, I would lose her,” said parent Marilyn Askew from Brooklyn. “How many more children will the city sentence to failure?”

“With 143,000 students trapped in failing schools, the state must step in and take over the worst of the worst,” said Jeremiah Kittredge, CEO of Families for Excellent Schools. “Too many futures are at stake to let the city continue to ignore this crisis.”

The press conference precedes the #DontStealPossible rally in Albany on March 4th, when parents will call on state legislators to end the statewide failing schools crisis that condemns 800,000 students a year to academic failure across the state.


While hundreds of schools are failing, 40 district and charter schools in particular are in urgent need of state intervention:

Schools whose general education student populations have ranked in the bottom 10% in English & Math proficiency and/or high school graduation rate every year for the last five years:

Imagine Me Leadership Charter School
Lefferts Gardens Charter School
Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health and Science Charter School
Henry Street School for International Studies
Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performing & Visual Arts
M.S. 328 – Manhattan Middle School for Scientific Inquiry
J.H.S. 151 Lou Gehrig
P.S. / I.S. 224
The Bronx Mathematics Preparatory School
The Hunts Point School
I.S. 219 New Venture School
New Millennium Business Academy Middle School
MS 596 Peace Academy
Juan Morel Campos Secondary School
The Urban Assembly School for the Urban Environment
Secondary School for Law
Park Slope Collegiate
M.S. 584
Middle School for Academic and Social Excellence
Ebbets Field Middle School
East Flatbush Community Research School
M.S. 053 Brian Piccolo
J.H.S. 291 Roland Hayes
Frederick Douglass Academy II Secondary School
J.H.S. 022 Jordan L. Mott
J.H.S. 145 Arturo Toscanini
J.H.S. 050 John D. Wells
Lyons Community School
Upper School @ P.S. 25
East New York Middle School of Excellence
P.S. 298 Dr. Betty Shabazz
I.S. 218 Salome Urena
Young Leaders Elementary School
J.H.S. 022 Jordan L. Mott
M.S. 256 Academic & Athletic Excellence
I.S. 313 School of Leadership Development
Urban Science Academy
Boys and Girls High School
DreamYard Preparatory School
Monroe Academy for Visual Arts & Design