Don't Steal Possible

December 10, 2014 News [New York Observer, Editorial Board] Don't Steal Possible

Farina Attacks Charters. Again. And Again.

It hardly comes as news that schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña, and other standpatters in the Department of Education are skeptical of reformers in the charter school movement. Even so, Ms. Fariña’s recent criticism of charters was noteworthy for two reasons: It was grossly unfair, and she offered no evidence to support a rather serious charge.

Slandering charters, again

Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña — who once said charter-school students were “on their own” — has now spread the incendiary falsehood that the independently run, publicly funded schools inflate test scores by breaking the rules.

Coming from the head of the nation’s largest public school system — educating 85,000 kids in charters, with 50,000 more banging on the doors to get in — this is the height of irresponsibility.

November 24, 2014 News [Huffington Post, Joel Klein] Don't Steal Possible

Former NYC Chancellor Of Education Joel Klein Describes How To Best Reform America’s Education System

In a HuffPost Live interview on Monday, Klein shared his thoughts on the best ways to reform education, starting with the perception of teaching as a profession.

“Let’s make teaching like lawyers and like doctors — a well-respected profession. Let’s really get really top-notch people going into the profession,” he told host Nancy Redd.