Bronx Charter School for the Arts Petition

Dear Mayor de Blasio,

My public school, Bronx Charter School for the Arts, is a K-5 school located in Community School District 8, in Hunts Point. We are the only arts focused choice operation in the Bronx and one of the top performing charter schools in the district. Through skills-based instruction as well as arts integration in the classrooms, students have the opportunity to explore art making in the fields of theater, dance, music, and the visual arts. They learn to use art as a language to express their thoughts and ideas.

I’m writing you today because our school needs your help. We need one building – just one – to house our middle school, so our children can have a continuous K-8 experience at Bronx Arts.

Currently, our school is located in private space and we have to raise $50,000 each month to pay the rent. For a small school, this is a very heavy lift, and it’s sad that this money can’t be spent in the classroom, on our students.

We were encouraged to learn that there are nine public buildings in District 8 that could be used for our school, four of which have had 300 or more empty seats for at least four years.

Mayor de Blasio, Bronx Arts serves some of the most underserved students in New York City. I hope that your Department of Education will not deny our students one more service that really should be easy: classroom space they deserve just as much as any other public school student.

We look forward to working with your administration to give our students to the public space they need.

Thank you.

Sign this letter to Mayor de Blasio so Bronx Arts can get the public space their students need.